Naryochakra Kit


Indication: Improve women health, Leucorrhea, Harmonal imbalance, irritability, Smelly discharge from Vagina, Painful menstruation, PCOS, Anemia.

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Contents –
a) Naryochakra Cure Tablet – 1 Tablet twice a day after meal or as directed by the Physician.
b) Naryochakra Fresh Powder – 1 Tsp at night after dinner with lukewarm water or as directed by the Physician.
c) Naryochakra Power Powder – 1 Tsp twice a day with lukewarm water/milk or as directed by the Physician.
d) Naryochakra AG Wash – Two or Three times a day as convenience use AG Wash and then clean the vagina with clean water.


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