Third Party Manufacturing

After gaining significant success with our range of Ayurvedic products, we have now started with Third Party Manufacturing of herbal medicines. We undertake contract manufacturing of various types of herbal Skin Care, Health Care, Hair Care & Toiletries products. Through our systemized manufacturing process, we make sure that we meet the manufacturing targets of our invaluable clients while quality is taken care of by our GMP certification optimized plant set- up. We source the required raw materials from only certified suppliers of herbs & extracts which further assures the quality of final products. Every single order, big or small, is given due importance & attended to personally, to make quality an obvious thing along with order fulfilment within the stipulated time. We work for customer delight by exceeding their expectations.

We have set our target to be the best herbal product manufacturer in the world. Contact us to get the excellent solution to your manufacturing needs. Our Contract Manufacturing services include a full range of Finished Goods Manufacturing Capabilities to address our client’s needs from beginning to end, with services to support material procurement, process optimization, formulation, testing and stability.


We are always on the look for new trends & new vendors with creative ideas & packing, which in term can benefit our valued customers. You can either choose from our wide selection of packaging styles or we can help you find the packaging that’s right for your Brand and custom fill it in-house.

Herbal Product List

Herbal Syrups
  • G-Kof Syrup
  • G-Kof Tulsi Syrup
  • G-Kof Honey Syrup
  • G-Apizyme Syrup
  • G-Liv Syrup
  • G-Liv Care DS Syrup
  • G-Liv Plus Syrup (Sugar free)
  • G-Cordial Syrup
  • G-Tone Syrup
  • Purodram-G Syrup
  • Arthowin Syrup
  • Sundari Kalp Syrup
  • G-Apizyme DS Syrup
  • Dev Stone Nil Syrup
  • Super Mind Syrup
  • G-zyme Forte Syrup (Sugar Free)
  • Divya Gyne Care Syrup
  • Divya Hepta Care Syrup
  • Panchamin Syrup
  • Shilajit Syrup
  • Skin Care Syrup
  • Dr. Heart Care Syrup
  • BP Maintain Syrup
  • Height Boost Syrup
  • Madhujita Syrup
  • Ayush Kwath Syrup
Herbal Oils
  • Sexotone Oil
  • Brestone Oil
  • Panch Tulsi Oil
  • Arthodhan Oil
  • Rhumawin Oil
Herbal Powder/Churan
  • Morning Fresh Powder
  • Mulethi Powder
  • Triphla Powder
  • Amla Churan
  • Lavanbhaskar Churan
  • Ashwagandha Churan
  • Zee Churan
Herbal Tablets
  • Vednantak Vati
  • Giloy Ghan Vati
  • Arthodhan Vati
  • Madhujita Tablet
  • Respowin Tablet
  • Gagan Gold Vati
  • Divya Hepta Care Tablet
  • Amla Tablet
  • Ashwgandha Tablet
  • Shatavari Tablet
  • Triphla Tablet
All Type Of Capsules
  • Zeegratop Capsule
  • Shilajit Capsule
  • Divya Fat Solu Capsule
  • Divya Breasto Capsule
All Type Of Sirka
  • Apple Cider Vineger
  • Jamun Sirka
All type of Classical Products
  • Khadradi Vati
  • Yograj Guggal
  • Param Shudhi Tablet
  • Brahmi Tablet
  • Arogya Vardhini Tablet
  • Ekangveer Ras
  • Chanderaprabha Vati
  • Tribhuvan Kirti Ras
  • Arshkuthar Ras
  • Sarpgandhaghan Vati
  • Abhiyadak Modak Vati
  • Mahayograj Guggal
  • Laxmi Vilas Ras
  • Chitrakadi Vati
  • Kutajghan Vati
  • Sanjivani Vati
  • Arogya Vati
  • Karela Tablet
  • Panch tulsi Tablet
All Types Kits
  • Antistress Kit
  • Arshas Kit
  • Artho Pain Kit
  • Ashmaripachak Kit
  • Bhimotkarsh Kit
  • Haridayasth Kit
  • Kanthmani Kit
  • Keshropan Kit
  • Livoratnam Kit
  • Madhuprameh Kit
  • Maha Divya Kit
  • Naryochakra Kit
  • Natural Beauty Kit
  • Night Badshah Kit
  • Night Queen Kit
  • Pachyati Kit
  • Raktadhar Kit
  • Raktochapsam Kit
  • Rupin Kit
  • Sandhimukta Kit
  • Tamak Swas Kit
  • V Again-17 Kit
  • Amla Powder
  • Reetha Powder
  • Shikakai Powder
  • 3 in 1 Powder
  • Trifla Powder
  • Uabtan
  • Multani Mitti
Hair Oil
  • Almond Hair Oil
  • Amla Hair Oil
  • Jasmine Hair Oil
  • Onion Hair Oil
  • Bhringraj Oil
  • Aloevera Shampoo
  • Amla Aloevera Shampoo
  • Bhringraj Shampoo
  • Neem Tulsi Aloevera Shampoo
  • Onion Shampoo
  • Reetha Aloevera Shampoo
  • Shikakai Aloevera Shampoo
Daily Use Products
  • Aloevera Handwash
  • Rose Handwash
  • Lemon Handwash
  • Phenyl
  • Dishwash Liquid
  • Dishwash Bar
  • Aloevera Gel
  • Gulab Jal
  • Kevda Jal